Meet Teddy Miller

Real Estate Developer, Business Expert, Mentor, Partner, Friend and so much more. Although Teddy Miller might seem like your typical ruthless young multimillionaire. There is much more to this man than meets the eye. When starting a partnership or opening any business he stays focused on his core values of long-term sustainable relationships, providing a benefit to surrounding community, and obviously the business must give a great return on his investment.

“Anyone can purchase rental property and turn a good profit, but how about we do something different and actually rebuild communities” One of the ways Teddy Miller makes an outstanding profit time and time again for himself, partners, and investors is the fact that he rebuilds the properties that no one else wants to touch, or as he calls them “shitholes” into modern income producing rental properties with hardwood flooring updated kitchens and tile bathrooms.

“You Can’t Make Money If You’re A Pussy”

— Teddy Miller

Teddy Mille consistently reminds his followers, partners, investors, and clients that making money is not easy, but if you remember who you are and what you are capable of you can make more money than your wildest dreams.

His straightforward views on leadership, rental property, business, employment, and everyday life have made him extremely successful at a very young age, and now he’s here to help others do the same by either partnering with them, teaching them, or being someone they can look up to.

Teddy Miller on one of his jobsites rebuilding a previously abandoned motel into Airbnb’s

Teddy Miller meeting with Artist Ponce De’Leioun to discuss opportunities for youths trying to expand their small businesses in the music industry.

When Teddy Miller eventually started to expand his business outside of The United States he eventually met the love of his life who would later become a key component of his South American Expansion. 

Teddy Miller Dressing up as Santa Claus with a Money Gun For One of The Famous Christmas Parties That He Throws Every Year Exclusively for His Employees.

Teddy Miller Doing Some Last-Minute Electrical Repairs to one of His Businesses in Preparation for a Grand Opening After Most of his Employees and Contractors Called it a Night.

Teddy Miller Meeting With the Leader of a Nonprofit to See How His Real Estate Company “Bear Industries” Can Help Secure Space in One of His Buildings at a Reduced Rate for a New Basketball Program.

Teddy Miller Doing Something He Loves to Do! Spending Time With Friends, Drinking Beer, and Driving All-Terrain Vehicles.

Teddy Miller With One of His Most Trusted Business Associates and The Vice President of His Real Estate Company Preparing to Purchase Another Abandoned Property for Cash!

Teddy Miller Traveling Around the World! Visiting One of The Wonders of The World Utilizing Some of His Passive Income From his Many Successful Businesses.

Teddy Miller With Some of his Business Partners Celebrating The Opening of Another Successful Business!

Teddy Miller Preparing to Repair the Roof on One of His Properties After Getting out of a Professional Business Meeting Because as He Put it “I Had Some Free Time”.

Teddy Miller Posing in Front of Another Completed Car Restoration from a Company he is Involved in with His Father.

One of the Monthly Meetings Teddy Miller Requires His Construction Managers to Attend Where they Work Through Problems, Find Solutions, Go Over Goals, and Help Each Other Grow Their Portion of The Business.

Teddy Miller Walking a Roof on One of His Commercial Buildings with his Right-Hand Man to Discuss Options for Rebuilding it.

Teddy Miller and Some of His People Pulling and All Nighter to Prepare for The Grand Opening of a New Location of his Material Distribution Company.

Teddy Miller Visiting Cuba to see Opportunities of Dropship Building Materials to Local Developers.